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No MIG records generated
In another thread, AKanudia gave the following info:

> Year=0 records are ignored in all fetch queries (UPD/MIG/FILL) unless year=0 is explicitly specified in the table.

As I understand that statement, Year=0 records should thus not be ignored if Year=0 is explicitly specified in a MIG table.

Because I have had related problems with MIG tables before, I tested this again now, as shown below. The Base scenario has ACT_BND(year=0) values for the processes shown, and the MIG table is in a regular scenario. But for some reason, that MIG table does not generate anything, even though Year=0 is explicitly specified in the table, and the corresponding ACT_BND values exist in the Base scenario for Year=0.

What am I doing wrong here?  Huh       
Dear Antii,

Year=0 records were ignored regardless if Year=0 is explicitly specified or not in the MIG tag due to a bug (arising of conflicting internal conditions).

It will be fixed in the next version. In the meantime, we can provide you a testing version with the fix included if you need it urgently.


The test version with the fix included can be downloaded here.
Thank you for your response!

It is very reassuring to know whether the bug was in my head or in VEDA2, and as indicated it was the latter, it will be fixed, I guess in v2.18 and above.  Shy

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