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Electricity transmission system in TIMES
Hi Guys.

I m dealing with creating transmission system in TIMES. My intent is modelling electricity flows with losses and self consumption. Production of high voltage, medium and low voltage electricity and transmission to all sectors such as: households, services, agriculture, transport and industry with different fees. 

I expect that some sectors: households, service and agriculture should use medium voltage electricity. Intensive industry should use high voltage electricity ect.

But there is also issue with sources (electricity producers) and definition NRG commodity (high voltage electricity), (medium volt. ele.) or (low volt. ele.).

Is there anyone who has experience with modeling a system similiar to this ? How to make all of these connections transformations and final delivery to consumer.

Than you very much for any idea.
I guess many TIMES models do have something like shown in the picture below:
I think the open source JRC-EU model has similar structure, for one reference.

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