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How do I add additional element to prc_grp?
you don't see these _ENS items on the CommGrp tab under Items Detail?
Hi Amit

No, they don't appear in CommGrp tab under Items Details, nor in the Sets Browser tab.
Okay now after restart they appear items details but not in sets browser...
You do need to refresh the Items view after sync, if it is already open. These are commodity groups, not sets. They will not show up in sets browser. But they should make it to the GDX.
I am a bit confused by that TFM_COMGRP picture.  I thought you wanted to get the VEDA sets into the GDX file.  But in that picture, you are not putting the VEDA set names into the CSet_Set column (it was all empty in your picture), why?  Huh
So I wanted to create some commodity sets that could be exported to the GDX for further use down the reporting road (and linking with other models).

Using the previous picture's TFM_COMGRP table I can get commodity groups to appear in the items detail, but they are not exported to the GDX.

Changing my TFM_COMGRP table as attached, they now do not appear in itmes detail and are again not exported to the GDX.

Again, the PRC_GMAP works like a charm for the proces sets. 

I am sure I misunderstand something regarding the commodity sets, but can't seem to get my head around it?

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I am puzzled by that problem. 
As I mentioned above, I tested it with the DemoS7 model, which does have some VEDA sets defined.
I added these sets into the TFM_COMGRP table in SysSettings, by putting these set names into both CSet_Set and Name column, such that the corresponding commodity groups with the same name are defined. 

And I checked that they do appear in the GDX file, with the correct members. So, the COM_GMAP route for commodities worked pretty much equally well as the PRC_GMAP for processes.
Ah okay I have made a mistake (at least one).

My mistake was that I misunderstood you earlier, Antti, when you said to use the TFM_COMGRP. I then thought I should define the VEDA sets AND the commodity group this way. When in fact I should initially define the sets, and then do what you said about putting the defined sets in the TFM_COMGRP in SysSettings.

Now the commodity sets are defined and found in VEDA, and also the commodity groups are defined and found in VEDA. BUT I still can't get the commodity sets/groups into the GDX.

I have attached the definition of the sets and the TFM_COMGRP table.

Thank you very much!


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What are you looking for, and how, in the GDX file?  The commodity groups are defined in the set COM_GMAP, just like the process groups are in the attribute PRC_GMAP. Your SysSettings.DD file should indeed contain the appropriate entries, and if so, they will inevitably be included in the GDX file. So can you post that DD file (zipped)?
Dear Antti

All seems to work fine now after a restart of veda (PC-restart). COMP_GMAP appears in both the dd-file and the GDX.

Again, thank you very much for the help (and the patience) :-)


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