Veda2.0 Released!

Welcome to the Modelling Library
Hi everyone.  Welcome to the Modelling Library. Handshake

This forum is intended to provide a managed repository of examples that TIMES users can use to develop their models.  Useful user constraints, powerful ways to manage input data and examples of tricky-to-master techniques all have a place here.

Forum guidelines:
  • All users who make use of the library are encouraged to contribute to the library in turn
  • Uploading annotated (using comments) spreadsheets (as a .zip) with a brief description is a good way to allow other users to understand your work
  • This is NOT the place to ask questions for a general query (see the other forums)
  • This IS the place to find solutions to specific modelling questions (e.g. how do I create a cumulative emissions constraint for a subset of regions between 2025 and 2050?)


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