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I am wondering if it is possible in VEDA to define a set where only on commodity is included for a specific technology. 
One example is for the technology: TCAR_PLUG, which has input commodities: FOS, ELC_CAR and BIO_FUEL. I would like to have a set where only the input from ELC_CAR is included, meaning only the amount of electricity used for the plug-in hybrid. I tried to define a set definition with PSet_PN = TCAR_PLUG* and PSet_CI = ELC_CAR, but it does not seem to work as I still have input from FOS and BIO_FUEL for the set in results. 

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PSET_* cols are for filtering processes. You need to use CSET_CN to identify commodities.
Can I have a column with CSET_CN in the TFM_PSets table? I get an Error for ConsolidateSetRules if I try this. And if not - how can I define a set connecting both process and commodity?

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Process sets contain only processes and commodity sets only commodities. The combination can be controlled only when you define parameters. So, you should use the CSET_CN col when you define parameters in TFM_INS or FI_T etc.

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