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A few bugs...
Hi there,

A few bugs:
  • the update excel sheet dialogue filters only .xls workbooks and doesn't allow you to select .xlsx unless you type '*.*' in the filename
  • when creating a new set, VEDA-BE crashes and quits unless you first select commodities or an existing set from which to create the new set

Also, after finishing an update, VEDA-BE fails to auto-open spreadsheets with a space in the name... (or perhaps because it is a .xlsx).
Actually, VBE is *not* supposed to be xlsx-ready. I am encouraged to see that you got this far!
Can you elaborate the set creation error a bit more?
On the no open - yes a space in the name causes a problem.
But like Amit said, would be a nice surprise if XLSX are handled, so please try again and let us know how the UpdateXLSX goes if no spaces.

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