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Zeros in tables
Hi there,
Another simple question I'm sure. 
I can't get zeros to appear in tables generated by VEDA-BE.  For example I have a commodity which has activity from 2030 onwards, but no activity before that.  The generated table shows only 2030 onwards, but I want it to always show from 2000 onwards (with zeros where there's no data).
Is there any way to do this?
I have a similar question. Is it possible to display the zeros for the flow variables for a process that is not used at all.
Well, I am not quite sure if I understand correctly your question.

But anyway, if you mean that you would like to see in the VEDA-BE table all input/output flows, even if the flows are always zero, that has been possible for some time by using an undocumented TIMES reporting feature, which includes topology indicators in a VEDA-BE result attribute.  I have now made this feature more easy to use, as follows:
  • You can activate the feature by setting $SET RPT_TOP YES;
  • The topology indicators will then be available in the attribute PAR_Top, having IN/OUT in the UserConstraint dimension, and with zero values;
  • You can thus make all flows included in a table by including both VAR_Fin/VAR_Fout and the Par_Top attribute in the table (optionally filtering already in the Table Definition by UserConstraint=IN/OUT and activating "Include Null").
I think this should be a reasonably convenient method for forcing all flow/activity/capacity variables to be included in VEDA-BE tables. The new switch RPT_TOP will be available in TIMES v3.3.8 to be released very soon.
Thank you for your response. This was exactly what I wanted to know Smile

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