Veda2.0 Released!

Welcome to Veda2.0!
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After two decades, Veda has been completely rebuilt into a distinctly superior product. I have been using the new version for all my modeling work for more than a year, and at least 10 other users have moved to this version over the past six months. All the key input handling features are already there, along with basic features of results analysis. The results part should be finished by the end of Oct 2020.

All users with licenses under active maintenance will have access to this version without any additional charge. The versions that will be made available on the link above will expire on 30Sep20. Licensing system will be activated before that.

Broadly, there are two differences between the old and new versions of Veda:

  1. VEDA_FE/BE were based on VB6/MSACCESS and Veda2.0 is on C#.NET/PostgreSQL.

  2. Most of the features in old versions of FE/BE were built incrementally, over 20 years. All these features (and many more), are a part of the fundamental design in Veda2.0.

Highlights of Veda2.0 – user perspective

  • No limit on size of individual scenarios or the whole model.

  • Three to ten times faster synchronization, depending on the model structure and number of cores available.

            > Guidance provided for reducing the processing time further.

  • DD writing is an order of magnitude faster and scales directly with number of cores.

  • Much smoother installation process.

  • Very stable application and reliable data processing – No Sync surprises.

  • Results handling integrated in the same application – Veda2.0 replaces VEDA_FE + VEDA_BE.

            > Much faster views processing.
            > Sets and view definitions can be migrated from old SnT MDB files.

  • Works with practically the same model input files (Excel templates) as VEDA_FE. No change in file naming conventions or tags.

            > The few changes that are required are clearly documented. Clean models can be migrated within hours.
            > Automated migration of set definitions and results views from Veda_SnT.MDB files.

  • No limit on length of item names (process, commodity, UC, commodity groups). File and case names should still be under 50 char.

Veda2.0 – enhanced features

  • Smart filtering available throughout the application.

  • All data is rendered in a pivot grid for browsing, like before, but the pivot tool is much improved.

            > Handy charting facility available with all data views.

  • Interdependence across scenario files (due to FILL/UPD/MIG tables) is tracked and reported.

  • Column position of any tag, including FI_T and UC_T, is not important anymore.

  • Comprehensive documentation of all tags and columns supported by each.

  • Open architecture: all user definitions like scenario groups, cases, results views etc are stored in (documented) json and CSV files. In principle, users can modify these files programmatically.

  • Server version available as an option:

            > Multiple users can use a common installation, but the model folders have to remain separate.
            > All input and output for all users stored in the same database.
              + Seamless GDXDiff of data gdx files across users.
              + Use results (VD files) and views created by other users.

Highlights of Veda2.0 – under the hood

  • Veda2.0 uses C#.NET for UI and PostgreSQL as the backend.

  • Based on the MVP architecture, which makes it very stable, and makes maintenance and further development relatively easy.

  • Extensive use of parallel processing.

            > FI_T, UC_T, all variants of DINS, parametric scenarios, and a several other internal transformation steps are carried out on parallel threads.

  • State-of-the-art version control processes in place for the code.

  • Each release undergoes elaborate testing.


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