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Model infeasible regardless of CO2 limit- not sure why?
Following up on my previous question (please see attached model):

1. Some timeslices (SNN - summer night nowind - wind AFA=0, SNW - summer night wind - AFA !=0) have been created to introduce a notion of variability of wind. I have been told the goal was to get wind and natural gas to deploy in a 1:1 ratio. Instead this is causing no wind to be deployed. Could this be causing the model to be infeasible? Is there a better way to approach this?

2. 2013-16 power generation figures are setup as an initial condition with power generation figures from actual data. The idea is to force a certain energy mix and a certain amount of emissions which then have to be mitigated. I can see that the supply exceeds the demand TPSELC by a significant margin, but IMPDEMZ is still being triggered for these years. Why?


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