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Questions on Var_NCap, Var_NCapM, INSTCAP, LUMPINV
As written in the documentation (slightly edited for improved readability):

Undiscounted reduced costs of investment variable (VAR_NCAP) of process (p); only reported, when the
capacity variable is at its lower or upper bound;
When the investment variable is at its lower (upper) bound, the reduced costs describe the cost increase (decrease) of the objective function caused by an increase of the lower (upper) bound by one unit; the undiscounted reduced costs can be interpreted as the necessary decrease / increase in the investment cost coefficient, such that the investment variable will leave its lower (upper) bound.

The marginals reported are thus these "Undiscounted reduced costs", explained above.

Concerning your question: "How does Var_NCapM differ from Var_NCap?" You can find the answer by comparing it to the description of Var_Ncap:  Technology Investment – New capacity: Level value of investment variable (VAR_NCAP) of process (p) in period (v).

Var_Ncap is thus completely different from Var_NCapM: Var_Ncap gives the level of the variable, instead of the marginal cost impact of a unit change in that variable.

atujaycee Wrote:where can one find EQ(l)_CPT

You can find the documentation for it in Part II (6.3.18  Equation: EQ(l)_CPT). You can find the GAMS implementation for it in the GAMS code, file EQCPT.mod.

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