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VEDA-FE 4.5.8
Download 4.5.8

Version 4.5.8 has the following major enhancements:
  • Parametric scenarios: this makes it possible to run multiple cases with different values of parameters (carbon price, for example), or combinations of several dimensions (carbon price, gas price, CCS availability etc), in a transparent and efficient way. More information.

  • GDXDiff of DataOnly files: users can already choose to produce small GDX files with all the input data for any case. This facility enables users to see the GDXDiff across any two such files in VFE browse. Further, the “Create Data-only GDX” on the General tab of User Options will create these files for each run that is launched. I strongly recommend to use this option, as it is very useful in diagnosing unexpected changes in model behaviour across runs.

  • Jacobian Analysis: to help identify scaling issues in models (see ppt).

  • VEDA-Assistant: when Excel files are opened from the navigator (dbl-click), then users can get a lot of help in constructing and deciphering process/commodity filters. Individual tables can be imported interactively, and attributes can be picked from a list. There will be a webinar on this functionality soon.

  • Multiple runs in parallel (batch): on the General tab of User Options, one can set the maximum number of runs that can be launched in parallel, in batch mode.

  • Call VEDA-FE from command line: VEDA-FE can be called with two parameters from the command line. S will perform SYNC, and SS will perform SYNC and SOLVE.

Additional details on the first four items are given in the ppt attached with this post.
Other changes/bug fixes are:
  • CPLEX options setting: VFE had a form with very few of the many options available. Now it opens a text editor so that any CPLEX option can be used. Personally, I prefer to create .opt files in ..\VEDA\VEDA_FE\CplexFiles. These file names will be available for selection on the case manager. I strongly recommend using the wisdom shared by Evangelos in his presentation at the Gothenburg workshop.

  • SubRES processing has been made more efficient.

  • PSET_CO column was not working in ~TFM_AVA tables.

  • Curr column was not working in ~TFM_UPD tables.

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