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Can least cost function be turned off for the BAU model
Yes, you have defined existing capacity for solar power (ELCRNSOL00) on the sheet Con_ELC, and therefore it is generating already in the Base year, because you have not given the model any information that it shouldn't generate.  But this modelling error is easy to correct.

However, the bigger problem in your model is the mismatch between the (proposed) supply and demand of electricity.  In the model, the final demand for electricity (TFCELCD) is 443 PJ in 2013, which is close to correct, assuming the region is Malaysia. (According to the IEA energy balances, the final demand for electricity was 458.6 PJ in 2013.) However, your BAU & Base year info.xlsx says that you would like the total generation to be calibrated at 703.71 PJ. Could you thus please first confirm that this is really what you want?  In other words, do you really want to calibrate the model in such a way that the total electricity generation should be 703.71 PJ in 2013, but the final demand for electricity is only 443 PJ?  

Note also that the demands for RSDELCD, COMELCD, INDELCD and AGRELCD are ineffective due to modelling errors, but as the demand TFCELCD is very close to the IEA value, that would not cause any problem. However, I will wait for your answer about the large demand mismatch before looking at the calibration.

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