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Can least cost function be turned off for the BAU model
(15-03-2017, 12:27 PM)AKanudia Wrote: You just need to ensure that the model doesn't have much freedom in the base year. For example, impose the observed utilization factors as Max availability for most (or all) power plants in the base year. Also, don't allow investment in new technologies in this year.

You should be careful to no let the low AF values of base year carry over in future periods, unless there is a good reason.

Dear Amit ,
I tried as per your suggestion by changing the AFA  to maximum 1.00 value, but it didn't work, after running it in VEDA BE the results still seems to still show the least cost selection because a few technologies didn't appear. I tested this just for base year technologies and the pdef was fixed at 1. Meaning no carrying forward to future periods. Should I change the efficiency to a maximum value as well? Please advice. I was wondering if there is a user constraint where we can fix the share of technology by time slice. ie. solar 10%, hydro 20%, wind 5%. If you have an example can you share it with me? Or anyone can you please share it with me.
Thank you.

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