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VEDA-FE - having commodity group as a valid input for NCAP_AFC?
Dear Amit,

According to TIMES documentation, if a storage (or trade) process have the same commodity as input and output, then the user has the possibility to specify different commodity availability factors for each flow via the NCAP_AFC/NCAP_AFS parameters, by  defining an NCAP_AFC/NCAP_AFCS both for the commodity type and for the single commodity itself. Then the commodity availability being applied to the output flow while the group availability is applied to the input flow.

This implies that if I have a storage process stgproc, with input/ouput commodity elec of type nrg, I can specify a commodity availability for the input elec and output elec as follows:  

NCAP_AFC('reg','2010','stgproc','elec','DAYNITE'=0.8; // this is for the output commodity elec
NCAP_AFC('reg','2010','stgproc','nrg','DAYNITE'=0.8; // this is for the input commodity elec

But when I give the commodity group (NRG in this case, since I don't specify a user-defined one), then the VEDA-FE ignores the commodity group value and does not write it in the corresponding  DD file.  When I manually insert the above two rows in the .dd file , then i get the expected behaviour in TIMES as it is written in the documentation. 

I would greatly appreciate any help on how to define NCAP_AFC both for a single commodity and the commodity group in a VEDA-FE base (or subres) file. 

Best regards, 
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