Veda2.0 Released!

Invalid license code!! You can switch to Evaluation Version.
Note: This issue has been fixed in VEDA Softwares installed using VedaInstaller version and above.


Every unregistered/Evaluation instance of VEDA has an ‘Intermediate Code’ which changes every time a particular VEDA software is run till the time it isn’t licensed. After pasting the license in ‘VEDALic.txt’ of VEDA FE and/or VEDA BE, an exception, as shown above, might be thrown. 
The primary reason for this error is that your Intermediate Code has changed due to running VEDA FE or VEDA BE before registering successfully. After requesting a key for either VEDA FE and/or VEDA BE, DO NOT RUN THE SOFTWARE UNTIL YOU HAVE REGISTERED YOUR LICENSE SUCCESSFULLY.
To resolve this issue, perform the following steps:
1.      Run VEDA-FE/VEDA-BE.
A dialogue Box will appear as shown below. Press the ‘Get Key Online’ Button.

2. After clicking the ‘Get Key Online’ Button, a dialogue box shall appear, as shown below. Click on OK button. All dialogue boxes of the application will be closed and your default web browser will open a page to request a new license code.


3. Click on ‘Generate’ button. You will receive an email with the license code.
Follow the steps as mentioned in the email and then run VEDA FE or VEDA BE to register it.

Note: You should not run VEDA FE and/or VEDA BE till you update the license in VEDALic.txt.
Utsav Jha VEDA Support

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