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Buggy use of dates in Temp tables
On my new Windows 7 64-bit laptop, I dared to test using the Finnish date format, while still using the the VEDA compatible numeric formats (dot as the decimal symbol and comma as the digit grouping and list separator symbol).

But it does not work with VEDA-BE: When trying to use the ExRes feature, VEDA displays errors and the resulting ExRes tables are always empty. This seems to be due to VEDA-BE stuffing the date separators into the temporary table name!

I must say that I am surprised that VEDA-BE cannot even cope with different date formats. Is it really necessary to stuff the system date separators into the temporary table names?  I think there must be many built-in routines to get the system date in numeric format (e.g. three integers representing day, month and year), instead of a string that VEDA will not be able to interpret. Therefore, I don't really understand why VEDA insists on using the string representation of dates and thereby includes the date separator characters in the temporary table names, because that will lead to errors.

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