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Tax credits implementation for low-carbon technologies
Ok I see your dilemma.  You have defined tax credits for the 10 first years of operation, and for vintages up to 2031 only. And yes, new capacity vintages are limited to the milestone years, and so you have chosen to restrict your new vintages to {2020,2021,2025,2030,2035,2040,2045,2050}, while it seems you would like to have the vintage 2031 distinguished in the results. However, as your model is now, there is no water electrolysis capacity of vintage 2031 in the results of your model. I think the vintage indexes are quite clearly shown in the results, and 2031 is not included.

The almost sole main purpose of using such model periods each representing several years, instead of modeling all individual years within the model horizon, is exactly this: to reduce the size of the model when the model is getting large. The number of equations and variables in the model increase directly along with the number of milestone years. But as your model is quite small, in your case you could well use single-year periods if you need results for individual years (and vintages), and you thus need more variables. But for now, you have deliberately reduced the vintage-specific variables to the periods you have chosen. Anyway, TIMES has been designed to be flexible in period definitions, and in such a way that the impacts of different period definitions on the model solution should, in general, remain small (apart from cases where you explicitly want sudden changes at individual years, like you seem to want here). 

I hope that may to some extent answer your question?

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