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Doubt about output value
Hi Everyone,

I am studying how storage models behave in VEDA-TIMES and their parameters on it. 

Right now, I am modeling the following process:

Capacity = 4.39 GW
STG_EFF = 0.72
Cap2Act = 31.536 GW/PJ
AFC(ACT) = AFC(NRG) = AFC(ELC) = 1.0
IN COMM = OUT COMM = ELC (Electricity)

For example, for winter timeslice we have the following YRFR:

YRFR = 0.01027397 >>> Equivalent aproxx. to 3.75 days
So for the max out or in flow I expected it to be around = (4.39 * 31.536 * YRFR) = 1.42147 PJ

In all timeslices, the limits are respected, everything works as I expected. However, my questions is that when I sum the IN and OUT flows the results is equal to the max out/in value at this timeslice. I am curious to know why this happens, anyone has any idea ? Does TIMES divides that capacity we have for in and out flow when they occur at the same timeslice ? This has brought me a lot of questions ... 

Thank you guys.

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