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Green certificates modelling - canismajoris - 30-07-2020

Hello,  I have a problem trying to model green certifcates in my TIMES model. The idea i have is when a PJ of green electricity is produced then the model has to produce 1 PJ of green certificates (modelled as energy) that could be traded between the regions of the model at price fixed (using ACT_COST for example). The problem is : in order to allow the trade of green certifcates, one has to model a demand for these, and I don't know how to project demand of green certificates.  Has anyone managed to model these green certificates and could help providing the used methodology ?  every input is highly appreciated !  Thank you,  Mahmoud

RE: Green certificates modelling - MakRacz - 12-08-2020

Hi, here is probably the simplest way to model green certificates in TIMES - page 24, eq. 10. Maciej