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GAMS version - Shibo.liu - 13-11-2019

Hi, We are setting up a new UKTM pc with a different GAMS version that we used before, and it didn't work. The one we have been using is GAMS Studio win32 27.1.0 which is working fine - for the model run we test it shows GAMS Source Code folder GAMS_SRCTIMESV422 The one we are have just installed on another pc but not working is GAMS Studio win64 27.3.0. Using exactly the same Front End files it shows infeasible. Aand the Source Code folder GAMS_SRCTIMESV437. Control panel options and Cplex file options all checked - the same as the old one. I'm wondering why it would be the case? And insights would be helpful. Thank you Kind regards Shibo

RE: GAMS version - Vikrant - 14-11-2019

Hello Shibo, Yes in some cases different GAMS version with different GAMS-SRC version can lead to such type of issues. But before any comment on your issue, please post the .LST file of both models, so we can help you better.