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FE Case Manager - Gargiulo - 12-10-2010

In the Beta version it is introduce in the Case Manager the scenario type (color code and letter). In some cases should be useful to click on the scenario type and select all the similar scenario in one click.
Thanks Mauri

FE Case Manager - AKanudia - 13-10-2010

good idea; done for the next release.

FE Case Manager - AKanudia - 15-10-2010

Done in version 4.3.34

FE Case Manager - Kannan - 22-03-2011

If a scenario is deleted, it would be useful to have a warning message listing all the cases in which the scenario (to be deleted) has been used.

In the current setup, the message is popping up after deletion!

FE Case Manager - Kannan - 23-03-2011


I’ve updated the VFE and rebuilt the model database from scratch.  We'd a number of cases in our old database.  In any way I can import the cases and try a batch run?


FE Case Manager - Gary - 23-03-2011

As you know I'd like to see an export/import Case and Batches facility as well, owing to the number of analysts we have working on our models.

FE Case Manager - AKanudia - 23-03-2011

Kannan, you probably deleted the databases to start from scratch. If you use the start from scratch option under the tools menu, all your cases would survive.

FE Case Manager - Kannan - 24-03-2011

Well, I didn’t delete the database.  But I renamed the model (for tracking, particularly for the source code change)!