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FLO_TAX Cost_Flox - Lukas - 26-01-2018

Hello, I set a FLO_TAX as below. I can see it in VEDA-FE, but it has no impact on the results Sad  . The attribute Cost_Flox has zero values. ~TFM_INS Attribute    Year Other_Indexes   CZ Cset_Set  Cset_CN     Pset_Set     Pset_PN        Pset_CI     Pset_CO FLO_TAX    2015                                           5 COMGAS                   *                  COMGAS   -ets*,-ELC* FLO_TAX    2015                                           5 GASNAT   PRE,PRW    AGR*            GASNAT Can I define the tax in this way on input commodity? The "ets*" are emission defined via ENV_ACT. The tax appears also by processes with "ets*" emisson. Does exist a way how to restrict the tax only for processes without these emissions? Thanks a lot!

RE: FLO_TAX Cost_Flox - Antti-L - 26-01-2018

Sure you can use FLO_TAX on input flows. I am using such in my models, and they work well. Can you see the FLO_TAX parameters in the VEDA-FE Browser?

RE: FLO_TAX Cost_Flox - Lukas - 26-01-2018

Yes, I can see them.