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RE: Write to Excel/CSV file - fg - 17-08-2017

(14-08-2017, 03:08 PM)Antti-L Wrote: Now that the latest BE update happened to become publicly available (in another thread), I was able to test VEDA-BE 4.9.912, and I can see that the options to include a timestamp in the file name, to set the delimiter, and to manually omit the quotes are there. I guess I am happy with these options in place. However, fetching the delimiter from system settings does not seem to work: My system setting for the list delimiter is comma, but I am getting ; as the delimiter when I blank out the option in VEDA-BE. I am also not sure whether the automatic "export with quotes only where necessary" works.
Ah perfect, thank you Antti, I oversaw that Amit's posting contains a link. Works in principle well for me too. The only thing left: Will there be any user-option which timestamp is being used?