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CPLEX-error with stochastic run - - 07-02-2022

Hi,  I am doing a stochastic run with our IFE-TIMES-Norway model. It is a 2-stage spine problem with 30 SOW.  This is a problem I have been able to run previously, but now I get CPLEX error 1001: Out of memory. I know it is a huge model, but when the error pops up and abort the solver only about 30-40% of the memory is in use. I am running with GAMS version 38.1 and CPLEX 20.1, TIMESv4.5.8 and VEDA 2.0 When trying a smaller problem with only 3 SOW it seems like working.  Is there a way to solve my model with 30 SOW? Regards Lisa

RE: CPLEX-error with stochastic run - Antti-L - 07-02-2022

Have you already read the following, and tried any of the suggestions mentioned there: CPLEX_PHYSICAL_MEMORY_LIMITATIONS It is interesting that you said "This is a problem I have been able to run previously".  Maybe it was previously with an older Cplex version 12.x? Sometimes new software versions do have increased resource use footprint.