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Regarding IRE set
I observe that the IRE set also constains RNW processes. Is there a reason for this? And does this indicate that somethings is wrongly defined in our model?


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The set IRE contains all trade processes, i.e. those that have their topology defined by TOP_IRE, and are therefore inter-regional exchange processes. So, I guess your "RNW" processes are such trade processes?

Basically, TIMES does not know which of these trade processes are real trade processes and which are meant to be representing "primary energy extraction", like I assume your "RNW" processes are.  But of course, we could use an additional process characterization (e.g. the predefined "XTRACT") for separating real trade processes from "primary energy extraction" processes.

If that would help, I could implement that change, if I happen to be nominated for the next TIMES maintenance term (and if I survive the current pandemic Shy ).  Then you would be able to use the "XTRACT" characterization to define the "RNW" processes in another set instead of IRE, probably we should call it "XTRACT".

[Edit:]  Hmm... but looking at your screenshot more closely, I am not actually so sure what these processes are. Could you thus clarify the role of these processes, and check whether they are exchange processes or not (do they have TOP_IRE defined?).

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