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Missing VEDALic.txt file for BE
I am trying activate VEDA BE. The activation code instructions recieved with the code by email asks me to copy and paste license code to VEDALic.txt. This is different from the activation instruction that pop up when starting BE which requests me to enter product code and license key. Also, I am unable to locate VEDALic.txt file in my folder.

Kindly note the following:
* I have followed the activation instructions.
* I don't have multiple installations on my machine.
* VEDA is installed in: C:\VEDA\
* I tried creating a txt file and added the code in it. Didn't work.

Appreciate your help.

Dear Abdul,

Kindly copy Product Code and License Key from your mailbox and paste it into VEDA_BE application.

More Information available here:-

Please let me know if you are still face any issue during the licensing process.

Thanks & Regards,
Ravinder Singh Chauhan

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