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Export all Tables to Excel in one step

I have several predetermine tables in VEDA-BE, and I would like to export them all at the same time to Excell format so that each of them appears in the "Export" file (C:\VEDA\VEDA_BE\Export). Is it possible? or do I have to do it one by one: select a table, then "View Table", then "Export to Excel" for each of them?

I try with "Table"-> "Export Table(s)"-> "Excel" but it is not what I want, I need the tables with the results.

Have you read the documentation, Part V: Section 6.3  Updating VEDA-BE results in Excel workbooks ?
It is not exactly what you described, but worth taking a look at if you have not tried that yet.
Sorry, I did not check that before, I can work with the options presented here, Thanks!
Thanks Antti Smile

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