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COST and FOM parameters
I noticed that for an existing process if  I define both COST and FOM parameters, the file does not run and it shows an error message shown in the attachment. If I keep only either COST or FOM, there appears to be no problem. This means that COST is getting converted to Times parameter NCAP_FOM? This should not happen, right? For  reference I am attaching the LST file during that error run.

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I think you are right, that should not happen according to VEDA Attributes Master.  
@Vikrant: Maybe you can comment whether it is by design or not?
Antti is right. COST is migrated to IRE_PRICE when it is used for IRE processes. What is not visible in Attributes Master is that it is migrated to ACT_COST, if used for a non-IRE process. Please send the file or just the tables where these parameters are being declared.

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