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Solve Time Under SO2,NOX,PM2.5 Taxes
I have a VEDA/EPAUS9rT question. I am running the model with a SO2, NOX, and PM2.5 tax. Unfortunately the model takes about 14 hours to run and then gives me a GAMS Status prompt "Resource Interrupt/Intermediate Infeasible/0.0002".

It seems that there isn't anything wrong with VEDA it may be that the optimization is running up against a time limit. 

What is best to do in this situation? Is there a way to increase the time limit? Or is there another strategy you use in this type of situation? I haven't heard of the model taking this long to solve for others, usually about an hour, but I also haven't heard of others implementing these taxes.

Thank you,

Indeed, I can see the default "resource limit" being defined by RESLIM=50000 in the RUN files VEDA generates. That is 50000 seconds wall-clock time, which is about 14 hours.  So, if you really need more time, you can just adjust that, in the RUN file template.

But there are some more limits: The default iteration limit may also be imposed (I am seeing ITERLIM=999999).

However, as you say that the model takes usually about one hour to solve, the solver may well be having numerical problems with your current runs. If the model is numerically stable, you should see that after the barrier and crossover phases the solver will spend only a short time in the final simplex iterations.

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