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GDX File Errors
Hi all,
I have two (potentially interrelated errors when using VEDA_FE currently).

Error 1. When using the control panel to load GDX files in the case manager, I get the following error:

VEDA FE: Invalid Property Value.

I can then still select a GDX file to fix the case output to (e.g. fix to a baseline until 2020).

Error 2. Having selected a GDX file to fix output to, and having run the scenario, I get the following error:

*.gdx files are not found. References to this file will be removed from the case(s).

Otherwise, the case is completed as normal. When investigating the results in BE, the results are as expected, i.e. scenarios are equivalent until the milestone year where the new case is no longer fixed to the old GDX file. But I'm not sure where these errors are coming from, and whether they are at all serious.

I am using the following versions for FE/BE:
VEDA_FE: 4.5.609
VEDA_BE: 4.9.2001

No error log appears in VEDA\VEDA FE\Logs. 

If anyone can provide any advice on how to deal with this error, that would be massively appreciated! I attach print-screens of VEDA FE when the errors show.

Best wishes,

Neil Grant
Grantham Institute for Climate Change and the Environment
Imperial College London

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Dear Neil Grant,

After updating Veda to the current version, try again.
(29-01-2019, 09:39 AM)Ravinder Wrote: Dear Neil Grant,

After updating Veda to the current version, try again.

Thanks - I will do so and let you know what happens.

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