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DELTA-ATM constraints beyond 2100
Hi all

So I'm trying to constraint DELTA-ATM so that it can no longer increase after 2100 using the constraint (sorry for the horrible formatting, suggestions welcome on how to improve):

~UC_SETS: R_E: GBL                                                            
UC_N    UC_ATTR~RHS    Pset:PN    PSet: CO    PSet: CI    Cset_CN    Attribute    Year    LimType    UC_CLI~RHS~2100    UC_CLI~RHS~2200    UC_CLI~LHS~2100    UC_CLI~LHS~2200    UC_RHST~2100    UC_RHST~2200    UC_RHST~0
DELTAT_NOGROW    CLI,GROWTH                DELTA-ATM            UP    1    1    1    1    0    0    1

This generates a constraint in the LP that looks like:

_EQE_UCSU(DELTAT_NOGROW.2100)#2312283: - VAR_UCT(DELTAT_NOGROW.2100)#3094060
                                - VAR_CLIBOX(DELTAmATM.2090)#3139601
                                + VAR_CLIBOX(DELTAmATM.2100)#3139602  = 0

Which is what I expected. But it doesn't extend beyond 2100, i.e. I'd have thought there would be more lines like the above with .2120, .2140, etc based on what BEOHMOD is set to.

Section 2.4 of seems to imply it is possible to constrain DELTA-ATM beyond 2100.

Any ideas?

Many thanks!
It is indeed possible to bound / constrain DELTA-ATM beyond the model horizon to any given value, as documented. The input parameter for bounding the temperature change is CM_MAXC. For example, to bound the temperature change to at most 2 degrees in 2150:

 CM_MAXC(2150,DELTA-ATM)= 2;

But it seems you would not like to constrain the temperature change to a given known value, but instead to some unknown value, by defining a TIMES user constraint. Unfortunately, user constraints can by design only operate on variables at milestone years, or cumulative variables within the model horizon, and it would not be straightforward to allow referring to years beyond the horizon with UC constraints.

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