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Message when syncing SUBRES
it's me again! Sorry for bothering you!

My issue this time is a message that appears every time I click on the SUBRES in the FE Navigator for syncing it:


This message appears twice. After clicking "OK" twice, SUBRES can be synced normally. That is, the message apparently does not affect the synchronization or execution of the model. It is also worth noting that the message does not appear when I "start a model from scratch".

I wonder why I am getting this message and if there really is an error.

Post or send the error log file (VEDA_FE\Logs\ folder)
I am sending the logs attached. For what I can see, they say that it is not possible to find the file "SR_PER.MDB", which indeed doesn't exist in the specified directory. As shown in the following picture, the existing file is "SR_SubRES_PER.MDB":


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Could it be that you have named the Excel Subres file SubRES_SubRES_PER.xls?  Rolleyes
(17-10-2018, 10:56 PM)Antti-L Wrote: Could it be that you have named the Excel Subres file SubRES_SubRES_PER.xls?  Rolleyes

Yes, the subres excel file is called SubRES_SubRES_PER.xls. Can't it be named that way? And, if it can't, why VEDA is working well after the two appearances of this message?

Thanks Antti.

Please rename you SubRES file so that "SubRES_" appears only once in the name - in the beginning.

We could have handled this case, but it is better to stay focused on the new version of VFE, which should be ready for beta testing in a few months.
OK, I will rename it. Thanks a lot!

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