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Jacobian analysis
Dear all, I have used this new feature and found it useful to improve the solving time of models (not clear to what extend yet as I am running only simpler cases with this particular model for the moment, but it definitely helped).

1- Check the JacAnalysis box on the FE Case Manager
2- Solve a basic case
3- A window will open, click on Filter when ready. The ratio to identify equations with largest/smallest coefficients is set to > 10000 by default
4- A List file will open ...

There was a list of such equations (all EQE_ACTEFF related to electric vehicles):   
15662.7093037128  :  EQE_ACTEFF(MB,2050,2050,TRPSELCG20LIIO12,NRG,IN,FN)  :  VAR_FLO(MB,2050,2050,TRPSELCG20LIIO12,TRPSB,ANNUAL)  :  VAR_FLO(MB,2050,2050,TRPSELCG20LIIO12,TELCBAT,FN)  :  -6.38459145610875E-05  :  1

So changing the unit of vehicles' activity from MVkm to BVkm resolve this (and other minor adjustments).

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