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Data mismatch error
Hi all,
Has anyone encountered this error before? Any idea how to fix it?


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Hi Alexx,

Can you post the error log file from "Veda\Veda_FE\Logs" folder?

or you can send that to
Hi Alexx, 

My reply comes with a delay, and perhaps you have already solved the issue. Usually when I get such an error during the synchronization is because my imported table in the Excel worksheet has an evaluation error, e.g. #VALUE, #REF, #NUM, etc. Referring to the error message screen shot that you included, you can check the file CSA_RES and the tables in this file related to the AGR2(or AGRZ?, I cannot see it very clearly in the picture) for #-type evaluation errors from excel. Other causes could be the use of single quotes ' or double quotes " in the description field of e.g. processes, commodities and user constraints. 

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