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Fatal Error Commodity in CG of process P but not in topology
I'm trying to create a mining technology but I get this error and cannot get rid of it. in the attachment are the only tables in which the P=MINLND is defined and used. Can someone see what's wrong?


 *** Commodity in CG of process P but not in topology

 *10 FATAL ERROR   -     R=REG1         P=MINLND       C=AGRLND       CG=LAND

.xlsx   CG error.xlsx (Size: 14.57 KB / Downloads: 5)
I also have a User defined CG in SysSettings called LAND which includes all commodities that have the letters LND in them. This may be causing AGRLND and LAND to be linked. But why would that create an error?

This is a QA check error reported according to the original design, which requires that the members of the primary group (PCG) are all in the process topology.  AGRLAND is not in the topology of MINLND, but it is a member of the PCG=LAND.  You can relax this QA check by setting $SET RELAX_PRC_CG YES

However, a more serious problem is that you have LAND in the topology, even though you said that it is a User defined CG. Such is not supported, and is likely to cause unexpected problems, and so please use such only completely at your own risk. You can only have basic commodities in the topology (commodities which are not groups of any other commodities). I wonder what is your idea in putting the group LAND into the topology?

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