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I am currently trying to include Retrofit and Lifetime extension to a VEDA_FE model. As I have understood, it is quite straight forward to figure this out, but I have not managed so far. Is there a demonstration on how to implement this feature in a VEDA_FE excel-file? If yes where? If not, I am very happy if someone can share this with me?

I have used this feature previously in Answer, and I assume my issues with implementing it in VEDA_FE is related to how the PRE_REFIT attribute is implemented.

All help is highly appreciated!
Retrofit Modeling

There isn't much in terms of explanation, but you should be able to figure things out from this working example with PRC_REFIT.

This also includes an example of parametric scenarios, which I will present at the next ETSAP meeting. This feature is functional in the current version of VEDA.
Thank you very much Amit for your working example, but I do not think it you attached the example. Can you please upload it?
First line of the msg has a Dropbox link
Thank you Amit !
Both the Retrofit and Lifetime extension works very well. I highly suggest other, that is not using this option, to have a look at these modelling options.

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