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How to show results better?
I've got the result of energy demand here attached. and  I want to get the value of


Whether it is possilbe to get the value Z automaticlly generated by VEDA-BE?

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Click the "Aggregation" button (above "View Table") and select "Diff" for Attribute dimension. Once you confirm that the numbers in {VAR_FIN - VAR_FOUT} rows are what you need, you can check "Hide Original" to have only the difference values in your view.

I think it will help if you select NRG as the commodity set in this view.
Thanks a lot!
I can find the  {VAR_FIN - VAR_FOUT} according to your guide. but could i add more functions further?
And I'm very interesting on the rules to use aggregation, where can i find some introduction on "AGGREGATION"?

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Well, as you can see, some very ambitious options have been coded in this section, but I have never used them in my own work and I strongly suggest you don't experiment with this functionality. Of course, it is possible that it works for simple cases, like the one above.

I have always done such computations outside VBE. Excel Update/Export is one option. Advanced post-processing is even easier now with the CSV export option.
ok! Thank you so much!

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