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Problem with version 4.3.33
I have an error with the new version 4.3.33 that didn't occurs in the early version, and using exactly the same scenarios.
We identify that the problem is in the sysettings, generating the error $338:
**** LINE     97 INPUT       C:\Veda\Veda_FE\GAMS_WRKTIMES\conserva.RUN
128170   -
****     $338"
When we put the sysetings in different positions in the solve form, the error mantains. And When we run without the syssettings the finshes but with no solution(but is expected it occurs).
best regards
Send me the DD and RUN files.
It looks like you may be using the old-fashioned ADRATIOs a la MARKAL, and while VEDA now generates the UC_N name entries, it apparently generates '-' as the UC_N name for those old-style ADRATIO constraints, when the default interplolation options are applied in SysSettings.

I can recommend to start using the new UC_T facility for defining user constraints.
However, I understand that the NEEDS models and other models using the old style constraints are still in widespread use and would benefit from having this bug fixed.


Thanks for the conclusive investigation Antti. This will be fixed later today.
But Joao, you should take Antti's recommendation and come to the UC_T world. The current DEMO has some examples. I should include a migration example as well...
VEDA FE EXE has been updated for the www installer, but with the same version number.
- Delete from the VEDA\Downloads folder
- Rerun the www installer
I have a problem in synchronising SUB-Res files in the VFE end latest version 4.3.41. it shows a message " -2147217900 (Microsoft) [ODBC Microsoft Access Driver] Number of query values and destination fields are not the same"  and keep on comming even after clicking ok for some times for small files. I couldn't synchronise B-NewTechs file as the message keep on appearing. I have to restart the machine and when I open the VFE I get the message again.
How can I solve this problem?
please send us the error log file from "VEDA\VEDA_FE\Logs" folder.
if you do not find any log file in logs folder, then send the screen shot of full view of VEDA-FE application.
it is attached.
No entry in the error log file in VEDA_FE\Logs\ folder?
it is attached now. My colleague here in UCL also has this problem.

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It seems some sheetnames in your SubRES are unexpected. Remember that the SubRES sheetnames have to point to sectors of the model (that have been identified by the Base-year templates). You could add detail to sheetnames after "_". So, you can have <Sector>_<anything> as sheet names in the SubRES files. SubRES transformation file has no restrictions on sheet names.

Thanks Amit,
We havn't changed any sheet name and they are still with the sector names and most of these SubRes files were not touched for long time.
When I SYNC any of thses Sub_Res files I have this problem.
Can you post the infected SubRES scenario database and SubRES scenario file?
we will parse the file to find out error.

I attached only only B_NewTechs scenario file and database. But, I have this problem with all SubRes files.


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Hello Gabrial,
Bug fix released so run VTI_www_4.exe from Veda folder to get the latest VFE version.

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