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stochastic option not running

This might be a simple mistake but I'm not seeing how to correct it (I'm only starting to use the stochastic tools of TIMES): I have a test stochastic scenario (in DEMO) that seems to be correctly read by Veda (I can see the SOWs and their parameters in the browser), the stochastic option is activated in the control panel and the run file has the Stages switch on, but the prompt tells me that the stochastic parameters can't be found (see attached screenshot). I am working with TIMES 331 and VEDA 4.3.4405. Is there something I missed?


Thank you!


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Post your scenario file. And update to the current versions of TIMES and VEDA in any case.
Hi Amit,

Thank you for your answer. Here is my scenario file (pretty basic and I downsized it further when it did not work so the second part, corresponding to a third stage, is not read anymore). I cannot update TIMES/VEDA right now, so I was looking for any issue that would not be linked to the version, but I'll do it as soon as possible.


Thanks & regards,


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I finally updated to version 4.4.7, it seems to be working fine.

Thank you Amit for your comments.


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