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A simple question on the role of UC_RHSRTS~0
I built a model to limit the share of wind power generation of all electricity generation.
at first, I didn't add interpolation limitation "UC_RHSRTS~0", the results show that there are no
difference between with UC Scenario and without UC Scenario. But when I add the interpolation option, the results seem reasonable with difference between with and without UC Scenario.
Therefore, I'm wondering what cause this?


The UC_RHSRTS parameter is by default not interpolated or extrapolated.  Period-specific UC constraints are always generated only for those milestone years that have the  UC_RHSxxx parameter specified, either explicitly or via inter-/extrapolation.

Therefore, it seems only logical to me that you might not get any difference if you did not use an interpolation option, because then the constraint is generated only for the year(s) for which you have explicitly specified the UC_RHSRTS parameter. 

Thanks a lot!

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