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missing file in installation test
Hi Amit,

I just installed the package and test the installation following the video from the VEDA support site.

And found a "missing sets" problem as follow:

here's the views of the Case Manager, GAMS command lines and Veda BE after clicking the "solve" button:

perhaps a missing file?

FYI, below is my system:
VEDA FE 4.2.68 from Installation CD
VEDA BE 4.8.35 from Installation CD
GAMS 23.3.3 with MINOS from installation CD
Windows XP Professional SP3
Ms. Office 2007

thank you,

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The update released last week is a major one and supersedes the installation CD that you are using. You should uninstall FE and BE from the control panel and use the www or local installer from the Installation section of VEDA support site.
Let me know if you face any issues doing this.
Hi Amit,

Thanks, I'll do that.

I think you have forgotten to define your optimizer (MINOS) in the RUN file template:

Quote:*--If you want to use an optimizer other than cplex/xpress, enter it here:

The LP solver has to be entered manually into the template, because VEDA-FE does not automatically detect your default LP solver.  I guess it assumes by default that you want to use Cplex.

Hi Amit,
Hi Antti,

Did a new installation using the latest one, on XP SP3 under Administrator user;

Try the www installation:
- it can't work with my system, following message appeared:
uploads/41/Runtime_error_401.jpg (although the download is continuing until it says complete, but then nothing happen) 
- I turned off any security programs (firewall and anti-virus) and tried again, but the result was the same.

Download the local installation and install it:
-first time is not successful: Msi API error (I already installed the Windows Installer 4.5 for XP SP3 beforehand).
- found the problem: It seems that my installation address is to long/deep, because when I changed it to C:\Veda then the installation went OK. (No shortcuts to VEDA FE and VEDA BE in the desktop created though, hope there's nothing to worry about my installation)

- the Sync went OK.
- the Solve still resulting Solve Status:11
- can't change to MINOS, I did modify and save the runfile template as follow:uploads/41/optimizer_set_to_MINOS.jpg
- before that, I set in GAMS Options the Project Defaults and Local Defaults to MINOS (cannot change the System Defaults though)  uploads/41/set_defaluts_to_MINOS.jpg

thanks and rgds,

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Concerning the LP solver, you just made a simple mistake by leaving the star '*' at the beginning of the line. The star at the beginning means that the line is just a comment, and will have no effect.

Your MINOS solver should work OK if you remove the star:


Best regards,
Yudha, I really appreciate your systematic effort and reporting. And especially doing it even after some of your issues were already resolved.
The installation you have described should be fine, finally!
VEDA unable to install from www appears when VEDA is not able to access the Internet at all, or smoothly, due to security programs or connection quality. It is already on our todo list to handle this situation more elegantly. Meanwhile, here is a workaround: if the download progress continues even after this message, wait till the download activity finishes. The installer will close (on its own) with the run- time error '401' shown in your picture. Launch it again and it will probably download a few files again. The entire loop might repeat another time but you will eventually finish the downloads successfully.
You should be OK after Antti's suggestion, but I am available for a GotoMeeting if you have any outstanding issues related to getting started. Let me know and I will send you a link for a web meeting.
reinstalled using VTI local, followed Antti's suggestion on run template:
-installation and its test went well!
many thanks

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