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consumption balance results
I have recently started working with TIAM model.
I have solved a reference TIAM scenario and am trying to get the consumption balance results for different regions for 2005, 2020 and 2030.
I will describe the way I do it.

1) Production.
process set: IRE;
prosess description not like: import;
attribute: VAR_FOut;
CommoditySet: NRG;

i get strange results for 2005.

2) Import
process set: IRE; prosess description like: import from; attribute: VAR_FOut; CommoditySet: NRG;

3) Dummy import
process set: IRE; prosess description like: import; prosess description not like: from; attribute: VAR_FOut; CommoditySet: NRG;

What is dummy import?

4) Export
ProcessSet: IRE;
attribute: VAR_FIn; CommoditySet: NRG;
5) Total Primary Energy Supply
TPES = Prod + Import + Dummy_import - Export;
6) Total Final Consumption
ProcessSet: DMD; attribute: VAR_FIn;

This is an Excel file with numbers and screenshots of VEDA-BE settings uploads/93/VEDA-BE.rar

Can someone comment if I am doing everything in the right way.
Is there any manual how to export results?
I.e. how to see primary energy consumption by fuel by region?

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You are on the right track and seem to have made significant progress in a short time.

You can find a file with a number of commonly used sets and table definitions in the downloads section of

You should replace the file VEDA_SnT.MDB in the VBE folder where you have imported the results.

Dear AKanudia,

Unfortunately, downloads are not available using the specified link. (GUEST/GUEST account).

This should help...


Now it works, I mean I have done the same thing as in the video, but the result was the picture "Sad".

I have downloaded the table definitions file. It is great that there is some previously prepared tables. It has been terribly complicated to cum up with some table for the first time.

I see there are also results for 3 LST files (ref,3p5,4p5). I will compare the reference .VD with mine.

By the way do the *.MDB files stand for table definitions only or for something else?
VEDA_SnT.MDB (Access database) holds sets and table definitions (without any scenario-specific information). This is the only file you can safely copy across folders of the same model (strucutre-wise).
The other files are for storing results from individual scenarios and internal processing. They are managed by VEDA; users should not move/remove them directly.

and what about VEDA_R.MDB and VEDA_Y.MDB. What do I need them for?

Can I import results to VEDA-BE without opening database (VBE_ETSAP_TIAM)?


These files are used by VBE during import and sets/tables processing. Basically, you should not worry about the database files except for the one that you have downloaded from the www.

I guess you mean File - Open Database from VBE menu, right? Well, once you do this, VBE remains pointed to this folder till you change it. This is indicated in the bottom right section of the VBE screen.

Right. So should I firstly File - Open database, then import *.VD file (import results)?

P.S.: I have compared ref.VD downloaded from kanors and mine personally solved ref scenario.

Dummy imports in my ref.VD is MUCH bigger than in the downloaded one. I am wondering why.

post an image of your solve form... showing the cases you selected for the run and their order.

I have selected everything except scenario files.

I have tried to select ref LST file but the model has been trying to solve such a case for 14 hours and has hampered [held back] by the lack of time.

So I have checked everything except additional scenario files.

Is it right to do it in such a way?


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You should start from the original package and use the case ET_Ref as it comes out of it. Some of these "scenario files" provide resource potentials...
Ok, is it right to increase the "ITERLIM" in the Case manager settings to let the model solve the model for longer?
Yes, but which solver are you using? I think you will need one with interior point algorithm. The Ref case solves in less than 30 min with CPLEX.

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