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User Constraint
I have to introduce some constraints in my model to pretend it to invest huge amounts of one technology in a single year.
I want to spread the constraint through several years with different limits. Is there any documentation apart from the one on the web that explain the creation of the user constrints?
this is my constraint, and I don't know why it is no working.
UC - Each Region/Period
~UC_Sets: R_E: AllRegions
~UC_Sets: T_E:
UC_N Pset_Set Pset_PN Cset_Set Cset_CN Year LimType UC_FLO~2010 UC_FLO~0 2010 2012 2014 2016 2018 2020 UC_RHSRTS~LO~2010 UC_RSHRTS~LO~0 UC_Desc
UC_MinProdRen_Elec ELE EREN* ELC 1 5 -0.25 -0.271 -0.292 -0.313 -0.334 -0.355 0 5 Minimum Electricity Produced from Renewable Technologies
Maria: The problem might be caused just by a very small typo:
<span style=": rgb255, 255, 0;">UC_RSHRTS~LO~0</span>
should be:
<span style=": rgb51, 255, 255;">UC_RHSRTS~LO~0</span>
As you know, without the interpolation option the constraint is generated only for 2010.

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