Download the latest version of VEDA-FE (45821) and VEDA-BE (492010)

Veda Application Installation guide

Visualizing Models
All data declaration for VEDA is done in Excel files, but the interface should be used to visualize the model.
I use the Excel files only for the intitial and additional data specification... never to check the declarations for a particular process/commodity or for RES connectivity. All such investigations can be done much more efficiently and accurately via the Browse, Process/Commodity Master and RES facilities in VEDA FE.
I recommend this approach for two reasons:
  • You may have a syntax misunderstanding with VEDA and some of your declarations may have been ignored or read differently from what you intended.
  • The declarations for a single element may be spread over several Excel sheets and/or workbooks, but you will see them all in one place in the interface.

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