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Problems with 4.5.611 VEDA_FE
(16-05-2018, 03:00 PM)Antti-L Wrote: Mikkel: I would suggest just to leave the currency unspecified in UPD tables (leaving the CURR column blank or removing it). Or do you really have those taxes defined in multiple currencies for the same commodities?

Interpolation is done by TIMES, not VEDA-FE.  Therefore, you might want to filter out the original time series if you update the values only for some of the years.

Thanks both of you Smile

We use scenarios with variating taxes to see policy impacts, and in doing so we often use Mkr17 or Mkr15 and i have just been to lazy to convert it my self since TIMES had the function. 

If i understand you correct, the approach i used is fine, since my objection were to update all values from a certain year.

Overall i might just switch to use TFM_INS tables instead and thereby just complete overide the old values and parameters.

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