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Setting Permissions for VEDA folder in Windows
This post describes how to set appropriate permissions for the VEDA folder in Windows. It is highly recommended that you read this post before running VEDA for a hassle-free experience. Refer to VEDA Support Site for more details on how to resolve the error.

It has been found that not setting the folder permissions for the user trying to run VEDA can be disastrous for VEDA. Common scenarios/error messages where the reason can be attributed to insufficient folder privileges are:
1. Unable to open object - Error
2. Input type mismatch- Error
3. Can not open Output File- error
4. ActiveX component cant create object- Error
5. Case Manager does not open- Irregular VEDA behaviour
6. Unable to change User Options- Irregular VEDA behaviour
7. Unable to locate VEDALic.txt - Irregular VEDA behaviour
Utsav Jha VEDA Support

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