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Feedstock accounting for Industry sub-sectors - Viktor Racz - 13-03-2019

Dear Gary, Many thanks again for the VEDA-TIMES Starter, it is really a big help when newcomers want to build a whole energy system model. I would have a question in regards to the feedstock accounting for industry in the Starter model and in general. I can see that there is no non-energy use consumption in the Starter energy balance (EB_Starter-VT -> Energy balance sheet /row62/), but in the industry BY excel sheet some energy consumption have been allocated for feedstock (e.g. in case of iron and steel, NMM, food&tobacco etc).  Since we are building up a model for Hungary, I have used Eurostat database to get the energy balance for our base year. In its metadata description it is stated that those final energy consumptions enlisted under 'non-energy use' accounts for "Energy products used as raw materials in the different sectors; that is not consumed as a fuel or transformed into another fuel". Which is the definition of feedstock. I think Starter is using some of the final energy consumption for industry as a feedstock to define a simple, still powerful way to describe the operation of these different sub-sectors.  Therefore my question would be if our way to describe the feedstock for industry sector by getting the data from 'non-energy use in industry' (in case it is available) is correct? Therefore those energy consumptions listed in 'Industry' are more for process heat, machine drive and for facility/other demands? Thank you very much for your help in advance. Best regards, Viktor