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Parametric Scenarios - AKanudia - 05-07-2018

Links: DemoS_ADV_ParScen Model Webinar Recording We tested a webinar today, to introduce this new VEDA feature to a small group of users. I invite those who attended to comment on whether they found it useful, and how we can make such sessions more effective in future. The first link above is the advanced Demo model, with a few extra scenario files that expose this feature. The second one is a (partial) recording of this webinar. The extra scenario files: Regular scenarios: Scen_wCO2_Price Scen_wELC-RPS Scen_wGasPrice Scen_wNo-Nuc Parameteric versions: Scen_Par-CO2Price Scen_Par-ELC-RPS Scen_Par-GasPrice A multi-dimensional scenario experiment: Scen_Par-RPS_CO2p_GasP_Nuc

RE: Parametric Scenarios - AnnA - 21-11-2018

Dear Amit, Are there any documentation on the "Parametric Scenarios". I have found enough information on how to define the scenario file, but I can't find what to do next, i.e., how to get VEDA to understand that it should run all the scenarios, thus what to tick/change in the "FE Case Manager"(?). From the Demo file I see that there is a folder called "ParScen_BackUp", I assume this is created by VEDA(?), or do I have to act in some way? Thank you in advance Anna

RE: Parametric Scenarios - AnnA - 22-11-2018

Many thanks, I see that it was the naming of the scenario file that I missed -- that the name should start with "Scen_Par-" Now it seems to work Smile