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VEDA-FE Version 4.5.5 - AKanudia - 13-10-2017

• The most important update in the latest version is the ability to import set definitions from Excel. You can create sets for VBE/VFE using the standard Process/Commodity filtering approach that is used in ~TFM tables. o There are no restrictions on naming this file or it’s sheets.  o You can have multiple PSet/CSet tables in a file. • ResultDBMaker is a new application which imports VD file into an ACCESS database (in GAMS_Wrk folder) automatically after a run finishes. VEDA-BE import process moves this database to the VEDA-BE folder and the import time reduces significantly. This application runs only in minimized mode, so you will only see its icon in the task bar. And the GAMS_Wrk folder it is working in will not be visible in VEDA-BE while this application is working. o This is not very useful if you are making one run at a time and actively waiting for each one to finish. But very useful if VEDA is running unattended in batch model. • Toolbox (right edge of application window) for easy access of frequently used features. • “SourceScen“ new column for UPD table to filter the scenario to be used to get seed values • Common license database for VEDA-FE and VEDA-BE. License information is no longer saved in Registry. • QA_Check.Log will open after the run if there are fatal errors reported. • Scenario names can be long - up to 255 characters • Double click on Process/Commodity label on Master form will open the Process/Commodity table where they have been defined. • Search box on navigator: Filter items in navigator and case manager by name. • List of Veda tables which are used in current model.  • Any of the lists on Navigator can be zoomed in by single click on the Section’s Label. Useful when there are long scenario names or when the list is long. • VEDA will log every SYNC operation in VEDA_Models\<Model>\Logs\ Folder • Option to process only those files that were already included in the model, at the time of “Start from Scratch” • Scenarios can be sorted alphabetically (within their group) on the case manager. • UserOptions o Option to add date time stamp on VD files (and scenario names) o Option to use UTC time code as SaveCode • Attributer Master o List of attributes can be exported as HTML / Excel o Option to show only those attributes that are used in the current model • Solve form + Control Panel o Discrete Unit Commitment (new switch in TIMES Extension section) o VEDA can generate DD files if GAMS_SRC is missing • Bug fixes o Formatting bug fix on solve form o Some discontinued controls removed from UserOptions o Better import errors reporting  o Others

RE: VEDA-FE Version 4.5.5 - AKanudia - 16-10-2017

Here is the link to the latest installer. This can be used to install from scratch or to update an existing installation. VEDA 4.5.5